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Isra Mi'raj

Isra Mi'raj 2019 and 2020

The Ascension of the Prophet Muhammad is a major holiday that is celebrated by over 80 percent of the total Indonesian population.

20193 AprWedIsra Mi'raj
202022 MarSunIsra Mi'raj
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The Ascension of the Prophet Muhammad is also known as Isra Mi’raj. Isra Mi’raj is celebrated on the 27th day of Rajab, the 7th month in the Islamic Calendar. This date can vary greatly on the Gregorian calendar; Isra Mi’raj may be celebrated in early spring or late summer. To celebrate the Ascension of the Prophet Muhammad, many Indonesians are granted a break from work for an entire day of celebration.

Isra Mi’raj Celebrations

Isra Mi’raj is a joyous holiday that is celebrated in a modest manner. Many Indonesian Muslims will discuss the story of Isra Mi’raj with their family members while enjoying local sweets and small treats. It is also a common practice for Indonesian Muslims to attend worship services at their local mosques.

The Ascension of the Prophet Muhammad, or Isra Mi’raj, is an Indonesian public holiday that allows Muslims to pay their respects to Muhammad and God.

Prophet Muhammad’s Night Journey

Isra Mi’raj celebrates the Prophet Muhammad’s night journey to Heaven after he met Gabriel while meditating in a mountain cave near Mecca. In the cave near Mecca, Muhammad agreed to God’s demand that he should found Islam and teach the world that there is only one true God. According to the Quran, Muhammad departed the Holy Masjid in Mecca to go to Masjid al-Asqa in Jerusalem. From Masjid al-Asqa, Gabriel, an angel of God, guided Muhammad through the Kingdom of God and the seven heavens.

At the gate of the first heaven, Muhammad and Gabriel were greeted by the Prophet Adam. According to the Abrahamic religions, Adam is the father of all men. Adam was honoured to see that one of his greatest descendants would become the messenger of God. Adam granted Muhammad and Gabriel access to the first heaven. After travelling through the first heaven, Muhammad and Gabriel reached the gate of the second heaven. At this gate, Muhammad met John and Jesus. In Christianity, John is known as the Baptist and Jesus is the Messiah.

According to the Quran, John and Jesus are simply servants of God who performed great deeds during their lives. The prophets offered Muhammad words of praise and encouragement. After some brief exchanges, Muhammad and Gabriel were allowed entry into the second heaven. At the gate of the third heaven, Muhammad met Joseph, the father of Jesus. Joseph was impressed by Muhammad’s willingness to serve the will of God. Like the others before him, Joseph allowed Muhammad to pass into the third heaven. After travelling through the third heaven, Muhammad and Gabriel reached the fourth gate. At the fourth gate, Muhammad met Idris.

According to Muhammad’s accounts in the Quran, Idris was an enlightened and highly perceptive prophet. Idris noticed that Muhammad’s true intentions were to serve God and found Islam. Idris proudly gave Muhammad permission to enter the fourth heaven. At the fifth gate, Muhammad met Aaron, the brother of Moses. Most Muslims know that meeting a person associated with Moses is a sign of great things to come, so Muhammad was quite excited about meeting Aaron. Aaron happily greeted Moses and welcomed him into the fifth heaven. At the sixth gate, Muhammad met Moses.

For Muslims, Moses is a very important figure. Moses foretold the coming of the Prophet Muhammad. Moses was very happy to see that Muhammad had accepted his fate and would carry out his quest from God. Moses allowed Muhammad and Gabriel to pass through the sixth heaven. At the seventh gate, Muhammad met Abraham, one of the most important figures in Islam. Abraham is a symbol of pure obedience to God. Muhammad stated that he would carry out the quest that God had assigned to him. Upon hearing this, Abraham was very proud. Shortly after this, Abraham began crying. Abraham explained that he was crying because he was happy that Muhammad would convert many people to Islam. Abraham happily granted Muhammad and Gabriel entry to the seventh heaven. This highest level of Heaven was filled with fruit-bearing trees, serene rivers, and various other bringers of joy.

After gazing at the many wonders that surrounded him, Muhammad traveled across the seventh heaven to ascend to Paradise. In Paradise, the wonders of Heaven increase in both quantity and scale. Muhammad eventually reached the Throne of God. At the Throne of God, God formally ordered Muhammad to found Islam. God also stated that Muslims must pray five times per day. God promised that Muslims who are obedient will be rewarded with the wonders of Paradise. Muhammad returned to Earth to carry out his mission and found Islam.