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Isra Mi'raj

Isra Mi’raj 2019 and 2020

The Ascension of the Prophet Muhammad is a major holiday in Indonesia. This holiday is also known as Isra Mi’raj, and falls on the 27th day of Rajab, the 7th month in the Islamic Calendar.

20193 AprWedIsra Mi'raj
202022 MarSunIsra Mi'raj

Isra Mi’raj celebrates the Prophet Muhammad’s night journey to Heaven after he met Gabriel while meditating in a mountain cave near Mecca. In the cave, Muhammad agreed to God’s demand that he should found Islam and teach the world that there is only one true God.

According to the Quran, Muhammad departed the Holy Masjid in Mecca to go to Masjid al-Asqa in Jerusalem. From Masjid al-Asqa, Gabriel, an angel of God, guided Muhammad through the Kingdom of God and the seven heavens.

After meeting prophets at each level of heaven and seeing many wonders that surrounded him, Muhammad traveled across the seventh heaven to ascend to Paradise. In Paradise, the wonders of Heaven increased in both quantity and scale.

Muhammad eventually reached the Throne of God. At the Throne of God, God formally ordered Muhammad to found Islam. God promised that Muslims who are obedient will be rewarded with the wonders of Paradise. Muhammad returned to Earth to carry out his mission and found Islam.