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Ascension Day of Jesus Christ

Ascension Day of Jesus Christ 2025 and 2026

The Ascension Day of Jesus Christ always falls on a Thursday and is a day when Christians celebrate the ascension of Jesus Christ into heaven as recorded in the Bible. It is a public holiday across Indonesia.

202529 MayThuAscension Day of Jesus Christ
202614 MayThuAscension Day of Jesus Christ
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Although 90 percent of the Indonesian population is Muslim, Ascension Day is a major holiday, and Indonesians who are not Christian often use the holiday to relax. Ascension Day’s traditions are participated in by both Protestants and Catholics in Indonesia. The major Christian event is the 40th day of Easter. It is celebrated exactly 39 days after Easter Sunday.

According to the New Testament of the Holy Bible, Jesus Christ had five major milestones in his life. These milestones include baptism, transfiguration, crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension. The Bible states that after Jesus Christ was crucified by the Romans, he was resurrected. During his life after resurrection, Jesus Christ spoke to his apostles and followers about the teachings of God. After this, Jesus Christ ascended to Heaven in the presence of eleven of his apostles.

Ascension Day is widely celebrated across Indonesia. The scale of Ascension Day celebrations in each Indonesian city depends on the size of nearby Christian communities. Many Indonesian Christians celebrate Ascension Day in the same manner as Europeans.

Attending a Christian Church service is one of the most common ways to celebrate Ascension Day of Jesus Christ in Indonesia. The details of these services can vary greatly depending on whether a church is Protestant or Catholic.

In general, Ascension Day services are positive and uplifting. These services may include hymns, prayers, and discussions about the ascension of Jesus Christ. Common topics of discussion include the Apostle’s Creed and various sections of the Bible. Readings of the Bible on Ascension Day often come from books of Luke and Ephesians in the Bible.

Previous Years

20249 MayThuAscension Day of Jesus Christ
10 MayFriAscension Day of Jesus Christ Holiday
202318 MayThuAscension Day of Jesus Christ